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mLIVE Grand io

Video encode and decode appliance of multiple 4K, UHD, FHD, IP Live, and NDI channels

mLIVE Grand io is a powerful and flexible encode and decode appliance to manage all your live video streams in an integrated media production ecosystem.

It brings you unparalleled power and proven reliability, no matter the scenario. Broadcast live events, automate 24/7 channels playout, or distribute to OTT and social media effortlessly, no matter the source.

mLIVE Grand io supports simultaneous media operations that can be a combination of live video streams, file previews, live switching, and even intercom between different users.

Product Options
Adding optional features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.


Part number: mpla1c

Screen-m plugin

Part number: scpi

Peripheral card

Part number: pcbx

  • mSWITCH - Remote live switching and composing
  • mTALK - Audio communication between users
  • Operation modes: manual and scheduled
  • Encodes and/or decodes contents according to the destination format
  • Ideal for multiple feeds of video contribution
  • Multiple output resolutions for OTT
  • Social media sharing
  • Full featured local and remote user interface (includes quick control through touch screen)

Some of these features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.