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mPLAY Densu io

Compact dual-node video appliance for monitoring and playout in FHD, IP Live, and NDI

mPLAY Densu io is an outstanding IP/SDI monitoring and playout dual-node compact appliance that simultaneously supports playing all kinds of media files in FHD, IP Live, and NDI.

It provides you with an agnostic real-time playback system to ensure a straightforward quality control process and allows the user to playback and reviews a wide range of file-based content with broadcast quality across all platforms and channels.

It supports simultaneous media operations that can be a combination of playout, file preview, live switching, and even intercom between different users.

mPLAY Densu io has a redundant power supply with options for 6 or 12TB of storage.

Product Options
Adding optional features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.


Part number: mpla8c

IP live kit

Part number: s2ioiplk

6TB storage

Part number: r2ssd6x1

12TB storage

Part number: r2ssd6x2

  • File playback - multiple simultaneous operations
    • Composition play
    • Loop playback
    • Instant play
    • Schedule play
    • Remote preview
  • Overlays (clip-name, port-name)
  • Playlist management
    • Add clips
    • Remove clips
    • Reorder clips
    • Export playlist
    • Loop play
  • Full featured local and remote user interface (includes quick control through touch screen)
  • mSWITCH - Remote live switching and composing
  • mTALK - Audio communication between users
  • Local and remote preview of the playing video
  • Operation modes: manual, scheduled and automatic

Some of these features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.