Streaming Solutions

Manage all your Live Video Streams in an integrated media production ecosystem.


Scale without limits and simplify your live streaming infrastructure

MOG offers a cost-effective live video processing system that creates high-quality streaming content for delivery to broadcast televisions and web-connected devices, such as televisions, smartphones, computers, tablets, social media, and OTT.

The system encodes live video streams of HLS, or RTMP in real-time and compresses it for distribution to viewers, delivering the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with low latency.

Our streaming products offer the capability to stream up to 32 channels simultaneously in real-time, using state-of-the-art technology, adaptable to a wide range of workflows. Ingest and process all your media to distribution with a single appliance or cloud-based software, create live to VOD workflows catch-up TV, and more.

Low Latency adaptative bitrate

Stream live with low latency or deliver pristine UHD HDR video.

High-density hardware servers

Affordable and simplified live streaming with mediaLIVE Stream Server.

Stream any format in any device

Support for multiple stream protocols, video formats, and devices.

Unified access

Central Administration at anytime from anywhere, through a web-based UI.

Flexible Deploy

Developed with your workflow in mind, from on-prememises to the cloud.

Elastic Usage

Designed for end-to-end live streaming workflows or as part of a custom solution.

Your Content Everywhere, Anytime, on All Screens

Powering broadcast and OTT streams around the world.

Operation modes: manual and scheduled
Very compact servers: 1 RU can support up to 8 video signals
Encodes and/or decodes contents according to the destination format
Full-featured local and remote user interface (includes quick control through touch screen)

The smart way to reach your audiences

Accelerate your time-to-market for live and linear channels, and ensure exceptional video coverage anytime, anywhere.


Simplified Global Video Streaming

Our products brings you unparalleled power and proven reliability, no matter the scenario. Broadcast live events, automate 24/7 channels playout, or distribute to OTT and social media effortlessly, no matter the source. Don’t know where to begin? Reach us.


Manage all your live video streams in an integrated media production ecosystem. mLIVE is a cost-effective live video processing encoder/decoder that creates high-quality video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and web-connected devices, such as televisions, smartphones, computers, tablets, and/or set-top boxes. The application encodes and/or decodes live video streams in MPEG-TS, RTMP, HLS, and MPEG-DASH formats and encodes/decodes 4 SD-SDI channels or 2 3G-SDI channels simultaneously.

Stream using a wide variety of protocols and codecs
Transcode and transmux for a wide range of networks and devices
MPEG-TS Encoder
Support for HLS, RTMP, MPEG-Dash

Let’s build something amazing, together.