Transcoding Solutions

Transforming any asset to the most popular distribution formats used today.


Powerful media transcoding, with security and agility in mind

Free your creative team (Editors and Assistant Editors) from the manual ingest tasks and allow them to do what they are actually good at: being creative.

With MOG, you can reduce the amount of time you take to ingest your assets by a factor of 4 or even more (depending on your formats and currents ingest tools). We offer a scalable and agile ingest and transcoding system, compliant with multiple distribution platforms, so you can get your media where it needs to be, without compromising on quality or relying on complex infrastructures.

Tag and organize your files with an extremely intuitive and web user-friendly web interface, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate the night-shift ingest time

Automate and schedule your ingest operations, and edit your media while it’s still ingesting.

Metadata enhancement and management

Add, import, manage and enhance your metadata assets, with a set of intuitive widgets and automated features.

Unified access and administration

Central Administration at anytime from anywhere, through a web-based UI.

Flexible on-prem or cloud deploy

Developed with your workflow in mind, from on-premises to the cloud.

Simultaneous outgest options

Ingest to Post-production, Archive, OTT with ABR and Social in a single operation

Supports multiple formats and resolutions

Support for a wide range of HD, UHD, and HDR formats and codecs, fitted to today’s workflow needs.

Powering media workflows around the world

Ingest & transcode broadcast-quality video, and scale as you need with automation features, pre-defined workflows, and support for simultaneous ingest operations.

Operation modes: manual, scheduled and automatic
Enable edit while ingest and metadata preservation/enhancement
Ingest and/or Transcode the contents according to the destination format
Option for simultaneous proxy generation
Supports spanned clips (Sony XDCAM EX, Panasonic P2, Panasonic GH5, GoPro and Canon)
Optional integration with social media and OTT
Optional remote preview for media selection, sub-clipping and merge
Burnt-in options: text, timecode, overlays (images and videos) and LUT
Flexible file renaming engine
Full-featured local and remote user interface (includes quick control through touch screen)

The smart way to reach your audiences

mediaMOVE automatically transcoding assets to internal house formats for multiple workflows such as editing, distribution, archiving, backup or contribution.


Future-proof content transcoding

Our products brings you unparalleled power and proven reliability, no matter the scenario. Don’t know where to begin? Reach us.


mDECK is the ultimate professional media deck to record, ingest, transcode and play multiple channels of any media formats simultaneously. It supports file-based and baseband contents simultaneously and it is able to perform hybrid operations. This makes it a great choice for multiple media operations in IT and video networks.

Digital Asset Manager
Hybrid workflows for maximum performance
Ingest to Post-production, OTT and Social Media
Local Cache for Thousands of Clips
Record and Assist with on-the-go markers

Let’s build something amazing, together.