Social Communities

Build and grow a strong community around your stories.


Engage with your viewers anywhere, Display your brand in any device

Nurturing a community is essential for anyone wanting to grow their video business. Vizzi Community & Networking Platform empowers users to create a loyal, profitable fanbases around your content, no matter the industry.

Watch Together Technology

Easily create watch-party rooms, customize your VOD playlists, or share your screen with full camera and mic control.

Live Chat & Comments

Include your audience in the conversation and create a dialogue using advanced live chat and commenting features.

In-player Actionables

Take your viewing experience to the next level with in-player actionables, such as buttons, messages and call-outs, that can be fully adjusted to your needs.

Encourage interactions with Watch Together

Allow your subscribers to sync playback with other people, no matter where they are. Host a watch party with exclusive watch rooms, where your audience can interact with video and audio.

Improve viewer engagement with increased watch time
Includes chat, audio calling, and video calling features
Watch together on all devices - mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and TV

Get the conversation going in real-time

Include your audience in the conversation and create a dialogue live chat and commenting feature. Keep the discussion going and maintain control right next to your live stream’s video player.


Deepen Viewer Engagement

Vizzi empowers rights owners to spark new levels of engagement through an interactive OTT player which supports buttons, message overlays and call-outs, fully adjusted to your needs.


Distribute beyond the web with OTT Apps

Securely ingest your content from anywhere & deliver it everywhere on multiple devices. ​


Let’s build something amazing, together.