DaVinci Resolve Workflows

Boosting your collaborative editing workflows with mediaDECK.


MOG and DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve combines professional 4K editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio for post-production in a single software tool. It is the reference for multi-user collaboration, so editors, assistants, and sound designers can all work on the same project, simultaneously.

With mDECK, a compact and powerful professional media deck for production, users will be able to seamlessly handle all their media processing needs (capture, ingest, transcode and playback) and directly edit on Davinci Resolve. mDECK can later generate multiple resolutions and formats for different outputs, like social media, archive, or OTT Platforms.

Additionally, users can complement their workflow storage needs, with 4PRO mediaFARM Densu ssd, a fully collaborative video editing storage.

Automate all your media operations in a single box and free your editorial teams for what they're good at: creating amazing content.


Ingested files are immediately available and as soon as the ingesting has started.

Supports thousands of workflows

Same software for Production, Contribution and Distribution Video Formats.

Support hundreds of video formats

Support for a wide range of HD, UHD, and HDR formats and codecs, adaptable to current workflow needs.

Unified access

Central Administration at anytime from anywhere, through a web-based UI.

Simultaneous output options

Simultaneous Recording to Post-production, Archive, OTT with ABR and Social.

Web-based software

Easily browse, search, access and edit content, projects, and metadata.

Empower your editors

Save time on content ingestion and easily distribute anywhere

Efficiently ingest, transcode and distribute media with a centralized ingest platform, able to support thousands of formats and multiple resolutions, making it a flexible system for your Apple production and post-production workflows. Generate proxies for editing on-the-fly and simultaneously store your media for further usage.

Additionally, you can directly distribute to social media or OTT Platforms with the same system, saving on equipment costs and resources.


Streamlined DaVinci Resolve Workflows

Break down content silos, increase collaboration, and deliver amazing content, faster.

Ingest and/or Transcode the contents according to the destination format
Editing Shared Storage or Local Storage
Generate up to 5 resolutions for OTT
Backup & Archive
Transfer converted media to desired silo
Distribute directly to Social Media
Metadata preservation and enhancement
Benefit from a full featured local and remote user interface (including quick control through touch screen)

Create, edit, collaborate, and distribute your media like never before

Offering a seamless integration with DaVinci Resolve, with native support for thousands of formats. All in a single box.


Cover every step of your production ecosystem

Choose the best product to fit your requirements. Not sure where to begin? Reach our team.


mDECK is the ultimate professional media deck to record, ingest, transcode and play multiple channels of any media formats simultaneously. It supports file-based and baseband contents simultaneously and it is able to perform hybrid operations. This makes it a great choice for multiple media operations in IT and video networks.

Digital Asset Manager
Hybrid workflows for maximum performance
Ingest to Post-production, OTT and Social Media
Local Cache for Thousands of Clips
Record and Assist with on-the-go markers

Let’s build something amazing, together.