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SHAZAAM Project Overview

The EU-funded SHAZAAM project enhances critical thinking and digital literacy among young people to combat pseudoscience. Using gamification and digital tools, it equips Gen Z with skills to evaluate scientific information.


Empowering Gen Z with Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills

As a global provider of digital media technology, MOG Technologies is committed to empowering digital transformation across various sectors. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to facilitate the creation, management, and distribution of content, enhancing engagement within communities of any size. European Union-funded SHAZAAM project underlines our commitment to advancing digital literacy and combating pseudoscience.

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The SHAZAAM project is dedicated to enhancing the ability of young people to think critically and evaluate the trustworthiness of scientific information, thereby countering pseudoscience hoaxes. This initiative is particularly tailored to address the challenges posed by misinformation in science, using innovative non-formal educational materials and gamification techniques suitable for both in-person and remote learning environments.


The SHAZAAM methodology consists of four stages:

1. Research: Initial identification of Gen Z's media consumption patterns related to science news through focus groups and literature reviews.
2. Tool Development: Creation of digital tools, including debunking videos and a Web App, based on the insights gained.
3. Pilot Testing: Implementation of two pilot programs to test these tools—one targeting Gen Z members (18-28 years old) and another designed for educators, trainers, and NGO volunteers.
4. Educational Guide: Design and implementation of a comprehensive Educational Guide to facilitate ongoing learning.


The objectives of SHAZAAM are manifold:

1. Debunking Pseudoscience: Identify best practices for debunking pseudoscience in Greece and Portugal.
2. Pseudoscience Framework: Establish a framework to address pseudoscience and the post-truth era, supported by scientific and media experts.
3. Avoid Alienation: Prevent alienation among the youth by debunking popular myths prevalent in young generations and social media.
4. Pseudoscience Hoaxes: Equip Gen Z with digital literacy skills to identify pseudoscience hoaxes, focusing on individuals in remote areas.
5. Interactive Training: Design and deliver training supported by interactive videos and gamification, tailored to Gen Z's media habits, to promote critical thinking and responsible information use.


The SHAZAAM consortium includes MOG Technologies and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, along with other partners from Greece and Portugal, forming a robust pan-European partnership. This consortium brings together media literacy experts, R&D technology providers, and NGOs dedicated to youth engagement, ensuring advanced research, high impact, and agile delivery of results.

Through the SHAZAAM project, MOG Technologies continues to lead in providing innovative digital media solutions that not only cater to current market needs but also foster an informed, critically thinking young population equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern information landscape.




Posted on 2024-05-20


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