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Project name and Acronym

SHAZAAM – Science Hoaxes to avoid Alienation in Generation Z - A Media literacy Approach

Project Code



Media Literacy

Financing Program


Promotor/ Coordinator

Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis

Consortia Partners

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation | Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis | MOG Technologies


18 months

Total Eligible Costs (€)

136.283 €

EU Grant Amount (€)

136.283 €

Main objective

SHAZAAM uses Digital Media and Information Literacy (DMIL) as a counter narrative solution to combat pseudoscience, afield where emotions and opinions are more disseminated than scientific arguments and where the fake news and the post-truth concept have the space to sow misbeliefs, science denialism and conspiracy theories. It is an innovative pedagogic project for young adult learners of Gen Z that will improve DMIL on identified communities in Europe, with a special focus on the critical domain of pseudoscience, fostering critical thinking in a long-term perspective (replicable methodology), promoting non formal (remote and online) learning and ensuring a wide outreach of 3.000 beneficiaries.


Objective 1: To identify best practices of debunking pseudoscience initiatives in Greece and Portugal responding to activities of EDMO’S national hubs.
Objective 2: To establish a clear theoretical framework on pseudoscience and post truth era, supported by scientists and media experts.
Objective 3: To avoid alienation of youth in the post truth era, recognizing and debunking the main 5 myths that are popular in the young generation and social media bubbles.
Objective 4: To equip young people of Gen Z with DMIL skills to recognize pseudoscience hoaxes, with a particular focus on people of remote areas.
Objective 5: To design and deliver trainings and training materials, supported by interactive videos & gamification content and compatible with Gen Z’s media consumption habits.
Objective 6: To foster critical thinking and responsible use of information and democratic participation among youth of Gen Z.
Objective 7: To design and test innovative pedagogic tools and methodologies capable of being replicated by youth educators in non-formal education.
Objective 8: To combat the dissemination of fake news and pseudoscience in a way that reaches at least 3.000 people.
Objective 9: To create value by enhancing the collaboration and sharing of good practices between university researchers, software developers, youth professionals, scientists and civil-society organisations.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project Management.
Work Package 2: Implementation plan for the proposed activities.
Work Package 3: Follow-up and dissemination.
Work Package 4: Content and technology development.
Work Package 5: Implementation in the Pilots and assessment.

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