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mPORT Densu io

Video appliance for recording, monitoring and playout, and live streaming workflows in FHD, IP Live, and NDI

Elevate your content production with mPORT Densu io, a robust and flexible multi-format and compact appliance designed for recording, playout, encoding, and decoding within an integrated media production ecosystem. This professional solution takes your media creativity to new heights, combining record, playback, and encode/decode operations seamlessly in FHD, IP Live, and NDI. With the ability for users to collaborate as a group within a single system, mPORT Densu io ensures incredible reliability and elasticity, offering broadcast quality for hybrid workflows while supporting widely used formats in the market.

Experience an advanced, all-encompassing solution that empowers your media production processes, delivering unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. Streamline your operations and embark on a new era of integrated multimedia excellence with mPORT Densu io, revolutionizing your content creation workflows.

It supports simultaneous media operations that can be a combination of recording, playout, live video streams, file previews, live switching, and even intercom between different users.

mPORT Densu io has a redundant power supply with options for 6 or 12TB of storage.

Product Options
Adding optional features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.


Part number: mpla8c

Proxy generation

Part number: dnpa

OTT live ingest

Part number: dnoa

Social media sharing

Part number: dnsa

Screen-m plug-in

Part number: scpi

IP live kit

Part number: s2ioiplk

6TB storage

Part number: r2ssd6x1

12TB storage

Part number: r2ssd6x2

  • mSWITCH: Remote live switching and composing
  • mTALK: Audio communication for collaboration
  • Baseband ingest: multicamera, loop, crash, scheduled, and batch recording
  • Video server for multiple destinations of any storage, NAS, or SAN
  • Multi-configuration metadata management
  • Flexible file naming engine
  • Enable edit while capture
  • Burnt-in options: text, timecode, overlays (images and videos), and LUT
  • File playback - multiple simultaneous operations: composition play, loop playback, instant play, schedule play, remote preview
  • Playlist management: add clips, remove clips, reorder clips, export playlist, loop play
  • Overlays: clip-name and port-name
  • Encodes and/or decodes contents according to the destination format
  • Ideal for multiple feeds of video contribution
  • Full featured local and remote user interface (includes quick control through touch screen)
  • Operation modes: manual, scheduled, and automatic

Some of these features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.

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