Deploy Options

Choose the ideal architecture for your workflow needs.

Scalability at its best: on-prem, cloud, or both?

When designing your workflow, there are multiple architecture options to choose from, each with its own advantages, but also technical trade-offs. Measuring resources, and choosing from one or another can prove daunting at first, but the good news is that there’s a solution for everybody.

With MAM4PRO decisions like this are not definite. You can choose to have your infrastructure on your premises, migrate completely to the cloud, or, get the best of both worlds, with a hybrid model.

Workflow Elasticity

Benefit from auto-scaling workflows that ensure assets and resources are made available when you need them.

Security and Compliance

Compliance with stringent regulations as organizations can customize security based on unique requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Counting with numerous options available to deploy systems and back-up options in different locations.

Cloud Deploy

MAM4PRO’S extensible architecture can be designed to meet your operational, technical and security needs. Explore below the multiple cloud and on-prem deployments available to your media workflows.

Private Cloud

With MOG MAM4PRO you can have your own local data center. A private cloud is a private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization, managed via internal resources. A private cloud is dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organization.

Data security and safety
Agility and Efficency
Cluster of dedicated users

Hardware Options

4PRO mediaFARM

MAM4PRO gathers a set of media operations in a high-performance computer system that we call mediaFARM. You can choose from a set of powerful but compact media servers, that’ll fit your workflow needs. MOG’s mediaFARM is a turnkey solution that will give you the capability and maximum flexibility to perform multiple tasks in a single interface.

Multiple servers in a single physical location
High availability and optimized resources usage
Less physical servers to manage
MAM4PRO covers every step of your workflow

From Creation to Distribution.

Ingest your Media
Manage your Assets
Review and Validate
Distribute Anywhere

Let’s build something amazing, together.