IT Solutions

Increase your CPU density by a factor of 2 or 4 times, and reduce your space costs.


Simplify your Resources Management while Reducing Costs

If you are an IT manager, or is used to handle multiple server infrastructure, you know that optimizing your rack space can significantly reduce your operational costs.

MOG’s 4PRO mediaFARM high-density server is fully optimized for today's most demanding workloads and designed to scale to tomorrow's computing needs. It is designed to respond to your server needs, from small businesses to state-of-the-art clusters, with the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the best energy efficiency.

Simplify your IT infrastructure with an entry-level 2U rack, or choose the best model to fit your needs.

High-density Servers

Density-Optimized servers designed for multiple purposes.

Boosted GPU

Deliver breakthrough performance with accelerated GPUs.

Compact Storage

Built-in RAID storage with up to 2x 11.25TB (per node).

Redundant Power Supply

Ensure usage continuity with a redundant power supply that avoid critical failures.

Reduced costs

Reduce physical infrastructure footprint size and the amount of energy consumption.

Compact racks

Xpress 2U and 1U rack servers are two times smaller than any traditional server on the market.

Simplify your IT Infrastructure with 4PRO mediaFARM Servers

Improved throughput for your compute-intensive workloads.

4PRO mediaFARM Densu

Unleash your teams’ creativity by freeing them from laborious tasks with Densu, a flexible and compact dual-node media server optimized for your production and distribution needs. Densu performs all kinds of media operations such as record, ingest, transcode, playback and stream, all in a single box.

This cost-effective media server supports FHD/HD/SD, and the dual node configuration ensures maximum flexibility and reliability for every case.

2U server with dual node
miniDUO2 card
Redundant power supply
Option for 6, 12, or 24TB of storage
Option for IP Live

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