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CinEd 2.1



Project name and Acronym

CinEd 2.1 - Let’s Watch Together!





Funding Program


Promotor/ Coordinator

Cinemateca Portuguesa

Consortia Partners

MOG Technologies | Arte Urbana Collectif | Cinémathèque Française |DFF-Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum | Associació A Bao A Qu | Os Filhos de Lumière | GET Cooperativa Sociale | Asociace Ceskych Filmovych Klubu, Z.S. | Udruga Bacaci Sjenki - Shadow Casters | Deutsche Filmakademie | ️Greek Film Archive | IHMEFILMI RY | Asociatia Culturala Contrasens


24 months

Total Eligible Costs (€)


EU Grant Amount (€)


Main objective

During the biennium 2022-2024, we want to develop and improve CinEd’s work through a geographical, conceptual, and technological expansion. Thus, we hope to continue influencing pedagogical policies in Europe, especially relevant in a (post)pandemic context, while establishing the groundwork towards a European film education policy. We will achieve these goals by extending the network with new partners and delegated operators in regions hitherto not reached and by introducing the CinEd concept to neighbouring countries or countries with strong ties to our partners. Furthermore, CinEd will deepen and expand its pedagogy by introducing new activities and target audiences, but especially by its abilty to adapt to regional needs in a constant feedback loop between children and youths, teachers, trainers, CinEd partners, and its pedagogic leadership. CinEd will increase the number of screenings, activities, and teachers’ trainings, namely through more trainers’ trainings who will become multipliers of our film education activities and policy. Finally, by bringing the platform into the consortium and developing new digital functionalities on the website and platform, CinEd will be able to control the technical instrument it needs to work with the young and their teachers.


Objective 1: To continue and find new ways to contribute to the education of children and youths in Europe through an holistic and deeply collaborative approach;
Objective 2: To contribute to and expand on CinEd’s 2.0 previous work – as well as on other previous or existing national and international film education programmes (British and Danish Film Institute for example) – towards an EU framework for film education and literacy with a new, shared, and collaborative pedagogical committee;
Objective 3: To empower teachers, educators, and mediators to further and deepen film education namely in relation to school subjects thus creating a cross-disciplinary approach whose point of departure is the film;
Objective 4: To continue extending CinEd’s pedagogy to new audiences and new regions.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project Management, Pedagogical Coordination, Local Coordination;
Work Package 2: The Film Collection – improved access and growth context;
Work Package 3: A Rhizomatic Consortium of partners, experts, teachers, and other stakeholders;
Work Package 4: Empowered Beneficiaries, Shared and Inclusive Experiences;
Work Package 5: Differentiated communication of CinEd’s work;
Work Package 6: Dissemination.

Other Financed Projects

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