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Project name and Acronym

The MAP Project

Project Code


Funding Program

EIT Digital

Promotor/ Coordinator


Consortia Partners

MOG Technologies | Birmingham City University | Swansea University

Start Date


Conclusion Date



15 months

Total Eligible Costs


EU Grant Amount


Main objective

There is explosive growth of OTT channels in the TV industry, but costly and complex licensing agreements prevent smaller filmmakers from exploiting a $332B market. The solution is MAP, a blockchain media trading platform. Using smart contracts, it removes costly intermediaries and pays content owners. The MAP platform will, for the first time, bring together OTT channels (buyers) and content owners (sellers) to create a low-cost film licensing marketplace. For content owners it will provide new access to the OTT market, increase contract exchange and profits to allow investment in jobs and creativity. For OTT channels, MAP will create a more diverse content ecosystem, driving OTT growth through efficient, dynamic pricing and increased revenues. The real social benefits, promised by the explosion of OTT channels, will be properly realized as the MAP plaftorm democratizes film distribution across borders and across cultures. There are currently over a billion content creators and anyone, from whatever background, can use the MAP platform to share their stories of social injustice, political concerns and lifestyle. It will suport regional content, in all languages, to counterbalance the growing globalization of OTT programming.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Activity Management;
Work Package 2: Blockchain Spine;
Work Package 3: Platform MAM with User Interface;
Work Package 4: Smart Contracts;
Work Package 5: Film Assets standards and Metadata;
Work Package 6: Market Analysis;
Work Package 7: Commercialisation;
Work Package 8: Start-Up Launch.

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