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Project name and Acronym

XRECO - XR mEdia eCOsystem

Project Code


Financing Program


Promotor/ Coordinator

Deutsche Welle

Consortia Partners

i2CA | JRS | CERTH | Visyon | MOG Technologies | Sound | UPM | FINC | UNIBAS | Atos | ZAUBAR | VRBB | RAI | NVIDIA | KUL | FFP | Unity 3D | CAR | IPR


36 months

Total Eligible Costs (€)


EU Grant Amount (€)


Main objective

XRECO employs a data-driven approach for fostering development and production of novel media experiences by delivering a platform for inter-organisation data sharing. Content and data providers can benefit from distributing their data (monetisation but also access to external contributions) and media creators will benefit from increased access to content. This will allow them to create novel media content and XR experiences using the platform’s reuse services, faster, with less effort and better addressing their consumers. The goal is to drive data flows benefitting a diverse range of stakeholders from exploiting combined data, from large industries to SMEs, as well as across industries.


Objective 1: Deliver a ground-breaking data-driven ecosystem for media content sharing within the European media industry, enabling efficient context-based search and retrieval;
Objective 2: Deliver a modular data sharing platform with clear incentives for engaging the media industry in data sharing;
Objective 3: Develop and integrate novel technologies for enabling effortless XR and immersive media creation;
Objective 4: Strengthen Europe’s dominant sectors and SME ecosystem;
Objective 5: Maximize the project’s impact and accelerate the adoption and take up of the project in Europe and beyond through wide dissemination, communication, exploitation, commercialisation, and standardisation actions.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project Management.
Work Package 2: Requirements, technical specifications & architecture, demonstration specifications.
Work Package 3: XR and Media Transformation Services.
Work Package 4: Testing Validation & Demonstration.
Work Package 5: Impact Maximization.

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